Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 32

I went back to the doctor last Friday and had my 3 hour glucose test. I got to drink the enhanced version on the glucose solution. Instead of enjoying 50ml of glucose in a lovely orange drink, I had the pleasure of trying the 100ml glucose orange solution. It took me the full 5 minutes to force that stuff down. Just thinking of it makes me shiver! (And now I can't drink orange HiC.) After that torture, I was asked to give 4 vials of blood all in the name of finding out if I had diabetes. I had a feeling that I didn't have diabetes. I was only 2 points over the max allowed on the 1 hour/1vial of blood test. But doctors like to be certain and I got to spend a lovely morning getting to know the lab tech!

Today I went in for my checkup. These things seem like such a waste of time. I can pee in a cup at home, dip the stick in and read the colors. I know the baby is okay. She kicks and squirms at all hours of the day and night. Do we really need all these visits for a normal pregnancy? Furthermore, couldn't they have gotten my iron count from one of the 4 vials of blood sent to the lab on Friday? Did I really need to give one more drop? I guess so.

On a good note, I have only gained 9 pounds!!!! I'm so excited about this. I haven't even been trying to eat super healthy. Lord willing, I'll only gain 6 or 7 more before the baby is due. Hopefully that will make it easier to lose the rest of Ashton's weight gain and the few pounds from this little one. By the time she's born, I'll have to lose around 60 pounds to get to my ideal weight. It's daunting to think of at times.

And for the finale, the official due date is August 10th at 2 p.m. Dr. Bailey and his team will be slicing me open and popping the little one out. I hope that this will be my first non-emergency delivery. It should be interesting!

P.S. For those who are wondering, we still have not picked a name. We've really started thinking more on it this week. Hopefully we'll have something to share soon.

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