Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why I Quit K-Mart Years Ago

I quit Kmart years ago. It wasn't a hard decision. The prices were not as great as they claimed and the customer service was lacking. So when I clipped a coupon for a free $10 gift card if I gave their pharmacy a try, well, I decided to try and rethink my position. After all, I'm into doing the saving money thing and I can get preggo vitamins anywhere.

That said, last Friday I dropped my prescription off. Since I had the doctor change it to a cheaper one, I was not sure that they would have it. They didn't and the gentleman assured me that he would order it and have it in on Monday. I thought it was interesting that they would have it on Monday as it was a holiday. But, business' are pretty desperate for new customers and I didn't think much more about it. Come Monday, I show up and they are closed. Grrr...

Well, I decided to stop by after I had my doctors appointment today. I go in. There is no wait (which I love). I step up to the counter. Both folks ignore me for 5 minutes. I was getting a bit irritated. Here I am, wet, pregnant, tired and trying to get to the in laws house before my full bladder betrayed me - and now I have to wait. So I put on the pretend patience. The woman finally comes out and I give her my name. She searches and then asks for my name again. Well, apparently the guy did not order my vitamins. There is no prescription to fill.

Now I'm ticked. I told her about dropping off the prescription and coming in on Monday. She asks me if a "big guy" took my prescription. I told her yes. Instead of being customer service oriented, she said "Well if I was here, we would have had your prescription." I told her to give me my prescription. I took it over to CVS and decided that $10 is not worth the frustration.

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