Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Gifts are NOT so Great

The men in my life love me dearly. That's no secret for any of you who know me well. But I have a serious problem with a recent gift. But how am I going to tell them that the gift was unwelcome? That's pretty rude, isn't it? And will they even understand?

I guess I should fill you in on the "gift". I was walking into my bedroom yesterday evening. The kids and I were planning on running a few errands and then going to play in the fountain at Falls Park. As I move towards the bathroom, I see feathers on the floor. I think to myself, feathers could be fun in the bedroom (wink, wink), but we haven't purchased anything that has feathers in it! I look around and there is no sign of where the feathers came from.

Then one of my men walks in. He stares at me and goes over to the dresser and starts looking under it with a look of anticipation. Then it dawns on me. Either Noah or Ted (our cats) brought a bird into the house. Not into any part of the house, into my bedroom. And it wasn't just on the floor for a while, it had been on my comforter. And if that wasn't bad enough, it obviously wasn't dead when it crawled under my dresser!!!

I called Sarah into the room to verify the location of the bird. Since she's young and unencumbered by a growing baby, she bent down and found the birds location. I pulled out the bottom drawer and there was my quarry... It must have croaked after hiding itself from my ferocious little hunters! Poor thing. I picked up and threw it out after Sarah and I spent some time looking it over. Silly cats! Now I have to figure out a way to convey to the cats that I NEVER want another animal brought in this house again. I just don't know how they will take it. Male egos can be so fragile...

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