Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Night Date

Tonight, I was blessed to be able to take Sarah on Girl's Night Only date. We've been cooped up in the house with a sick baby all week and it was driving the both of us a little stir crazy. Daniel got home and said he didn't mind us heading out for some "girl time."

We started out our evening at Lowes. I love Lowes and I'm doing my best to get Sarah addicted! Right now she LOVES picking out paint chips. And that was my plan for our time their. After we finished picking out possible colors, we headed over to McDonalds. We enjoyed our meal and little conversation. Then Sarah found out an old friend was there and she went off to play in the playland until it was time to leave. After dinner, we decided to take in a movie. It's been ages since we've taken the time to go to a movie. We watched Race to Witch Mountain. I was so impressed. Normally remakes tend to have a cheesy quaility. Not so with this movie. It kept us interested until the very end. And to make it even better, there was no inapproriate content.

I'm so glad that Sarah and I got to spend this time together. Often our lives get so hectic and we miss out on official "girl time."

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