Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Car Conversations I Never Want to Forget

Let me set you up by saying that we were coming home from swim team practice last night. When Sarah has nothing else to do in the car, she talks. We end up having some insanely funny conversations. Well, they are funny to me...

Sarah: Mom, I need a bra.
Me: Well, we'll talk when you get some boobs.
S: But I do have boobs.
M: Really, who says that?
S: Well, C and T (her two girlfriends) and I were talking and they both have bras.
M: That's nice. Did you compare boob sizes while you were at it?
M: Yes (with a smirk)!
S: We were talking in the clubhouse and we decided that I'm the only one with real boobs because mine are bigger. C and T only have anthills.
M: What are you talking about? What are anthills? (I'm now wondering if I really want to know this.)
S: Anthills are when you only have a nipple. I have boobs but both of them have real bras.
M: (trying to drive while holding in laughter...) So how did you figure this whole anthill thing out?

Did we ever call them anthills before we had real boobs? I don't think I did. But, Sarah and the anthill girls have it all figured out. And, I'll be getting my daughter her first bra when Daniel gets paid again.

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Alicia Looper said...

Oh my gosh! That is priceless. I definitely don't have anthills, more like mountains!