Saturday, December 27, 2008

One More Addition

This weekend, we started telling our family and friends about the little blessing that is growing inside me. You read that right, I'm 7 weeks pregnant. So far, it's been a very different pregnancy. I did not have any morning sickness with Sarah or Ashton. But this little one seems determined to make sure I get an idea of how that feels. Thankfully (well, at least not yet) I've not been throwing up. I've just had debilitating nausea for the past two weeks.

Right now, I have Daniel convinced that we are having twins! I'm not one hundred percent certain of that. It seems fishy that after two nausea free pregnancies, I would suddenly have enough hormones coursing through my veins to be struck with morning (I really mean most of the day) sickness. Then again, you never know! I'll be visiting the doctor on January 5th and will let you know!

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