Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weight Loss 2008

Well, I haven't posted about losing the baby weight in a while. Mainly it's because I haven't lost much of it at all. See, the girl in this image is me - LOL! Just kidding. It seemed as if every time I was meant to go to the gym, some life crisis would come up. So, in addition to other things, I started praying about the weight issue. And this week I managed to make it to the gym twice. Even better, I'll be going tomorrow as well. On top of that, my abs are starting to work again and I've been able to do sit-ups! (And no, it's not scheduled to snow tomorrow!)

I've also decided to amend my goal. I'm looking to lose 10 pounds by November. Since weight loss typically happens the fastest the first few months this should not be too hard. The ultimate goal is to fit back into my pre-Ashton pants. I mean, when you dream, you should dream big... or small... right?

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