Thursday, October 16, 2008

All the King's Horses and All the King's Men...

...couldn't put Humpty together again.

Do you feel like that sometimes? I sure do. If you keep up with the site, you know that I was feeling pretty low for a few weeks. I'm not sure I was to the falling apart stage, but there were a few days where it came close. It's amazing how even during the low points, God was my strength.

I remember waking up some days singing "Our God Reigns" over and over in my head. I was so low feeling, but I could not shake that one undeniable truth. It helped to pull me through the day. And then I would feel called to speak the names of God out loud. This would mostly happen at night when I was trying to pray and couldn't. I would just say over and over, "Yahweh, Counselor, Comforter, Friend, Redeemer, The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End."

So what's up with the Humpty reference? Sometimes we see someone who is broken. We try to help them or fix them and we can't. No matter what we do, nothing seems to help. And that's the truth. We can't fix anyone. But our King can. We need to look to God whenever we are broken and whenever we encounter the broken. God can and does work through us to encourage and love the broken but we need him to direct our paths. As for when we are feeling broken, we need to call out to our King no matter what the circumstance. If you can't pray, call out his name and the Holy Spirit will plead your case to the Maker.

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