Saturday, October 4, 2008

Goodbye Dear Friend

I don't exactly remember when I met Dwayne. It was sometime during middle or high school. We ended up working at Town-n-Country in Goochland. He was like a brother to me for a long time. We shared our life and troubles as only friends can. For periods of time, we would drift apart into our different lives, but somehow we would reconnect.

It happened that way 9 years ago. I don't remember how Dwayne and I caught up again. We just did. It was about the time that I met a new friend named Lara. A relationship of hers had ended and I wanted her to meet my tall, dark and handsome friend. I loved him as my brother and just knew that they would connect. And that was just what God had planned.

As had happened before, we lost touch. Through the magic of Facebook, I was able to reconnect with Lara and Dwayne. It was amazing to see how God had built them up and blessed them with a wonderful family. He completely changed their lives as only he can do. I had hoped to be able to see them when I visited Virginia again and meet their gorgeous girls.

Today, I received an urgent message from Lara. I found out that Dwayne met his heavenly father this week. While I'm glad that he is in his new home, I grieve for the friend that I will not see again this side of heaven. I grieve for his widow, who's expecting their fourth daughter and for the other three lovely girls he left behind. God tells us that we will go through seasons of grief. So right now, I grieve with my sister in Christ, Lara, with the knowledge that I will see my brother again.

Pray for Lara and the girls.

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