Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall for Greenville

Daniel, Ashton and I had the best time in Greenville today. It was the annual Fall for Greenville festival that showcases food from over 40 restaurants. In addition to the food, there are rides for the kids, 3 different stages for music and shops to walk through. We ended up staying for 4-5 hours.

The food booths are set up to provide appetizer size samples of different menu items for 2-6 tickets. You can buy 8 tickets for $5. Daniel and I spent $25 on food and drinks and it was worth it! My favorite thing was the Lobster Cigars. It was made of some kind of wonton type covering and filled with lobster and cheese, then fried to perfection. If we had found that booth first, Daniel and I would not have tried anything else! We also some Thai food, some She-crab soup from Soby's, blue cheese stuffed olives with some kind of deli meat, Chinese, Brazilian chicken (this was not impressive), and I can't remember what else. By the time we finished, we were stuffed.

While we were down town, Daniel and I walked through some artist studios that face Reedy River. It reminded me of how much I miss sketching and painting. Ashton played in the spray of the little waterfall and loved it! We explored the shops that were open enjoyed watching the folks who were there. Daniel also got to visit Falls Park for the first time. I used to think Maymont was the prettiest park that I've visited, but Falls Park looks like it was plucked from a movie set. It's stunning and the city does a magnificent job of tending to the gardens surrounding the falls.

On top of all the fun, we were blessed to have an amazing beautiful day to enjoy it all in. The fall weather ensured that everyone was comfortable as we came to enjoy the city. I'm so grateful that we live so close to Greenville. It's become one of my favorite cities.

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