Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bible Conversations with a Super Smart 7 Year Old

Yesterday I drove Sarah to North Carolina to meet her Dad. Since reading was dubbed out of the question, Sarah decided that we would spend the 3+ hours talking. I love it when we do that (well, most of the times).

Somewhere along the way, we got into a discussion about the things she's been reading in Genesis. That's where she got me again! She read the story about he man whose two daughters got him drunk, "laid" with him and became pregnant. She wanted to know how that happened.

We've had a few discussions about sex over the last months. I told her that I would give her all the details in a few years. For right now, she knows that women have uterus'. That is where the egg comes to stay. Men give "seed" or sperm to the mom and a baby is formed in the mom's belly. I don't know when most parents give the talk, but I feel that she needs another year or two of innocence before all the details come out.

So, there I was in the car trying to explain why two crazy daughters got their dad drunk and became pregnant with his seed. "How did they get his seed?", she asked. We'll discuss that in the talk in a few years. "Why did they lay with him?" Goodness....

Overall, it was so cute and humorous. But then again, it's sad that a 7 year old can't stay innocent longer. Those conversations used to come later in life but now happen so early. I don't want Sarah to lose the innocence of childhood before she has to. I hope to find a balance that will allow her to hold on to that for as long as possible before she has to be confronted with the waywardness of this world.

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