Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My First Ever New Phone

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've had a cell phone for almost 3 years now. But, I've never had a brand new phone. When Daniel learned that I didn't have a cell phone, it freaked him out. He was so concerned that I would break down on the road somewhere and meat up with some unsavory character. You know, the man protecting helpless woman thing! It was so cute!

He ended up giving me his "old" phone and getting a new one for himself when he added me on to his account. Then later on, he wanted a Razor and I got his previous model. Well, the time came for us to renew our contract and we were not certain if we wanted to stay with Verizon. In addition to that, we really wanted a Palm phone. We could get a refurb with AT&T for $30.

Daniel's been with AT&T for 5 years, and was transferred to a retention specialist. He couldn't finish the chat with them, but they told him he could get two Palm Centros. Then the bad news came. When Daniel called back, they told him we had to get a $30 a month data plan to go with the Centro's. That wasn't going to happen since we currently pay less than that to have high speed Internet at home. We only wanted the calender capabilities that the Palm products offered. Disappointed, we told them we had some more searching to do.

After talking it over some, we decided that Verizon was still our best bet. Most of the folks I call long distance are Verizon customers. If we gave that up, we would lose our ability to chat with them for free. So we resigned ourselves to getting ordinary phones (poor us). We went to the store and talked with a salesman. Some of the other phones had calender options (that didn't work with the computers) but we still were not sure. Our eyes kept going back to the Centro.

As we stood there talking with the sales guy, we mentioned our conversations with the retention reps. He assured us that we could get the Centro without the data package. We just had to push the rep harder to set it up. Bless him. Daniel called the next day and came home with the news that our free Centro's would be coming in the mail with-in the next 3-4 days. I can't even complain that they only had one color to send.

The phone is awesome! If you are thinking about getting one, we highly recommend it. It even comes with Sudoku already built in. I've recently started playing it and absolutely love it. The Palm features are great as well and to have it all grouped together with the phone is so handy. Only one device is needed. Daniel is working to get it hooked up with his work computer. That's been the only snag. But, it's not the Palm's problem it's a school issue. I love having the keyboard. It's small but once you get used to it, it's not so bad. The phone even comes with a stylus. Soon, I'll be getting a cover for it. The phone is too expensive to replace and I tend to be rough.
I'm hoping that this will be my last post of the night. I've just put Ashton down for the third time and the protest cries are coming every 2-3 minutes. It's a good sign...

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