Thursday, June 26, 2008

Working Out

It's time again to start. Ashton hasn't had an ear infection in a while and I've got some free time not that Sarah is out of school. Plus, Sarah wants to start running and guess who she expects to be her running partner. Yup, me. So, I'm hunting down a good sports bra on EBay so the girls wont knock me out and I'm going to be getting a good ankle brace thingy. My ankle is not fully back to normal after the last sprain.

We've also decided to go to the gym together. Our gym has a kids section that includes a rock climbing wall treadmill. Google it - it's really awesome. But the thing Sarah want me to do is the dancing video game. Me the non dancing diva will be trying to shimmy hips that have always refused to shimmy while trying to get my uncooperative feet to touch the right places in front of a gym full of folks. The things we do for our kids....

Anyway, it's starting to look like Ashton may be ready to be weaned. Plus, I'm ready for him to be weaned! That'll help get me back down to the pre-kid weight. That and Sarah's nagging!

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