Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where does she learn this stuff?

Yesterday, I took Sarah, Ashton and Sirius over to the track across from the house. Sarah rode her bike while I walked with Ashton and the dog. About halfway through, I figured out how to rope the dogs leash around him to force him to walk in a more controlled manner. Since he was well behaved, I had Sarah hook him to her handle bars and ride off with him. It was great! Sarah and the dog were exhausted!

After they rode for a while, Sarah decided to take Sirius onto the football field for "training". They practiced for a while and had a really good time. Then Sarah called for me and said "Look, I'm teaching Sirius Dog yoga. This is the mountain." No joke guys. I didn't even know they did yoga for dogs. According to Google, it's a big thing now.

Could you see yourself doing the downward dog with your pooch?? Not I said the Little Debby, Not I.

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Alicia said...

I'll bring Maddie over and we can have some serious doggy yoga! hahahahaha!