Thursday, June 5, 2008


Today was a long day. The morning started off well. I was able to get my quiet time in early. That allowed me to pick Sarah up early from school and take her to lunch. We then headed to the library. Sarah and I got a ton of books. She found out about the summer reading contest and has already read 5 books. This allows her to get her first prize when she takes her sheet in. Really though, she's not competitive (note the sarcasm).

I spent a good deal of the day praying for Daniel and my mother in love. Daniel had a meeting with his principal that could have been contentious. It was not and we were both relieved. He's been working to pack up his classroom for the move to Easley. From the afternoon on, I've been praying for my mother in love. If you are reading this, send up a prayer for her. She's facing "trials of many kinds" right now.

On another note, Daniel mentioned that one of the folks at church brought up a little girl who needs a place to stay in order to receive surgery for a cleft palate. There is also hope that she will be adopted. If you know Daniel and I well, you know that we have a strong desire to adopt. I've mentioned to a few close friends, that I've been dreaming about a little girl and in the dream, we were trying to find a name for her. I've been talking with God about it since Daniel told me. I determined that it was best not to bring it up unless Daniel mentioned it again. Tonight he came in and said some more about it.

Pray that we come to the right decision about this little girl and the strong desire that God has placed in us to adopt. Right now, this little girl needs place to stay in America in order to have surgery. Maybe that's all we'll be needed for. God tells us to take care of the widows and orphans. He will provide for that. But, right now all I can see is the financial constraints that Daniel and I have have when it comes to adding to our family, even if it is temporary (remember, Daniel is a teacher and I stay at home full time).

I know that God placed this desire in both of us and at times, we feel so strongly called to act. We both wonder if we are over thinking things do to the stigma of our situation and what our loved ones will think. It's a tough call because we have this desire, but we need to be certain of the timing and we worry about earthly things like money and family. Pray that we get it right.

We are also preparing to send Sarah to VA to spend time with her Dad. She's excited but apprehensive. It's hard for her to leave home even though she knows that she is going to have a great time. When she gets up there, all of the apprehension melts. I've heard from others that this is a normal thing for kids whose parents are no longer together. They kind of have to mentally prepare for the difference in home environments and it's tough. Thankfully, we've been blessed with an amazingly well adjusted little girl.

Tomorrow, we are going to the movies and then swimming at the Y. This will be Ashton's first time at the Y.

Well, it's time for some shuteye.

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Alicia said...

I'm praying. I know that God has big plans and lots of resources. You guys are an amazing family, and I can't wait to see what God does!