Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Pain Will Come... Tomorrow

I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to hurt bad tomorrow. On my daily walk, I decided to tackle "The Hill" at the park. This time, I had Ashton in the stroller. I'm not sure if it helped. Gravity and the dog kept pulling me back down the hill. I resisted but it was tough. This time I made it all the way up without stopping. On the way back down, I took Ashton to swing. He had a great time.

While we were there, we saw a group of teens from some Christian academy in Pickens. It was kind of weird to meet up with 10-12 teens on a kids playground. I tied Sirius to the poll and put Ashton in the swing. Two boys who were off to themselves came over and started playing with the dog. We ended up chatting for a while. My heart went out to them. I think one of the boys cuts himself. I say some curious marks on his arm. Pray for both of them. They told me that they've been coming to the park on Thursday for the past few weeks. I'm going to try and start going while they are there so that I can chat with them some more. It's funny, I'm not the chatty sort, but it just kind of flowed with these two kids. I don't think that they have good home lives. It just shows in their countenance. I don't know what I can do, but maybe just being there to hear them talk will do.

When I got home, I had a bit of housework to complete and then went for Sarah. We stopped by the butcher's shop in town. They just opened up a few months ago. Daniel and I have decided to try and support local businesses as often as we can. They weren't too much more expensive than Walmart. I even decided to buy a couple of T-bones for tomorrow. Hopefully my steak fixing skills will have started to improve. For some reason, beef is the only meat that I have trouble cooking.

After all that, I decided to abandon (ignore) the rest of the housework and instead do some yard work. In the front yard, we have two poured concrete flower beds. They are very ugly and Daniel and I have wanted them to go for some time. His Dad lent me a sledge hammer a few weeks ago to tackle the job. I thought it was going to be a bit harder than it was. I removed about 15-20ft of the border tonight. I have about that much to tackle tomorrow. Well, that is if I'm even able to pick up the sledge hammer. I'm certain that I will discover muscles that were much happier left unused tomorrow. That's why I'm typing this tonight!

If I can, I'll upload some cute pictures of Ashton, Sarah and the puppy tomorrow.

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Alicia said...

Oh my! All that exercising! I bet you are worn out today. When can we go walking next week? I'm super excited about getting in shape and having someone along with me!