Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coming Together

This weekend, we went up to North Carolina to visit our family. We stopped by to see Granny and Papa. Granny was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently having radiation. We were so happy to find out that the cancer was very small and had not moved over to the lymph nodes. Papa is slowing down some more, but was able to enjoy the visit.
After spending time with Granny and Papa, we went over to spend the night at Grandmomma's house. The next day many of the family came over for lunch and a trip to Andrew's Geyser.
Here is Sarah in the tree at Grandmomma's. I can't seem to keep her out of them!Sarah and her cousin Seth in another tree...Sarah hitting a home run! Great pitch Grammy! This is a pretty little creek that winds it's way around the geyser. Daniel worked hard to try and convince Sirius to play in the frigid waters. Sirius was not interested! Aunt Jen and cousins Emma and the Mighty Will!

Before we left, Aunt Jen took this great picture of the four of us and Sirius. Ashton loves the dog and refused to look up!

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