Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You Might Need AAA If...

...you are a woman in Greenville who has no idea how to change a flat tire. Or, if you are the 3 men who stopped to "help" me change my flat tire.

On the last day of Marci's visit, we decided to drive down to Falls Park in Greenville. I have to say that it's the most gorgeous park I've ever seen. It's like you stepped onto the set of a movie. (One day, my computer may allow me to post pictures!) Marci, the girls, Ashton and I had a great time at the waterfall there and enjoyed all the beautiful landscaping and the amazing bridge that goes over the falls. When we got back to my car, I realized that the tire was flat. Of course it wasn't the tire with the slow leak, but I digress.

Well, I decided to do what any grown-up tom boy would do. I started to change it. I almost had the tire off the ground when I joked with Marci about how funny it was that we could hear all these men in the background and not one of them had come over to help two ladies with kids change the tire. A few minutes later with 1/2" or so to go, a college aged kid comes over and asks if he can help. By now I'm feeling pumped up and liberated and told him that I had it. But, he kept asking and I said why not.

Here's one more reason why I'm certain that God has a sense of humor. The kid sits down and looks up at me and says, "What do I do now?" Yes, that's right. My "knight" has no clue how to change a tire. I asked him if he was serious and oddly enough he was. So, I started walking him through the tire changing steps. I'm sure some lucky girl will thank me one day.

You might think that this story couldn't get any funnier, but two more guys walk over. They looked like they just got finished at the office. They ask the kid if he needs help and we inform them that I'm walking him through the steps. The the bigger of the two suits decides to take over. He and the little suit started talking about how we needed AAA because changing a tire was hard and blah, blah, blah. It was all I could do to not make a sarcastic comment about how manly men changed tires.

Think about it. It takes me about 15 minutes to change a tire. It takes AAA 30-40 minutes to get to the car to change the tire. It doesn't add up. But, now you know ladies. If you get a flat in Greenville, be prepared to change it yourself, teach a youth how to change it or listen to some able bodied men discuss how AAA could change the tire.

Happy Flats....

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