Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I've Had It - Ughhhh!!!

I've just spent a good part of day the last two days trying to remove viruses from this bloody computer. Everything, yes, EVERYTHING I do has failed. It's plucking my last nerve. I know I shouldn't let it get this far, but I'm tired of the thing not working right. Last month we replaced the power cord only to find out that the DC jack had failed and had to be replaced. (By failed, I mean came close to setting the computer on fire.) Now, this.

Maybe I need a blogging break. Maybe I need an intervention to computer time. I mean, I've become a tad be dependant on connecting with the outside world via the web. And on days like today, when I'm afraid to respond to emails or comment on friends blogs due to some crazy computer glitch - well, I start to be thankful that I'm blessed with a naturally low blood pressure.

Perspective is needed... Let's see. Sarah and her friends played all evening without arguing. That's good start. Even though I can't see any pictures on websites (minus random ads), I can still post my little rant. Umm, Daniel got an amazing career opportunity today (that's the subject of another post.) Daniel and I decided to become official members of East Pickens. Friday, Daniel a I had a great time with Jason and Alicia (another post coming soon, I hope). And, as of this moment, the computer has decide not to crash.

Grrr, it all comes back to the computer.

P.S. Spell check still works (Thank you Jesus :)

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Alicia said...

Computers are the most irritating/wonderful invention ever! I feel your frustration.

Let me know when we can get together.

School is out next week, and I am SUPER excited.

Tell Daniel congrats for us!