Monday, March 3, 2008

One Nice Doctor

I recently had to go to the cardiologist to make sure that I had not inherited the heart issues that killed my sister. I had the privilege of going to see Dr. Francis Thandroyen at Greenville Cardiovascular Associates (

Dr. Thandroyen was a rare treat from the medical field. Upon meeting Daniel and I, he sat down to discuss his background and his faith. He does this with each of his patients. From all that I've read on the Internet, the man is brilliant. At the end of our visit, he provided some tracts about our Saviour. How often do you get that in a doctor?

On top of all that, one of the tests he requested was not covered by our insurance. It cost almost $1300. I called back to see if we could resubmit it to the insurance a different way but it could not be done. So, Dr. Thandroyen allowed our bill to be significantly reduced. Since Daniel and I still have two other significant bills from Ashton and Sarah's visit to the pediatric cardiologist, this was a true blessing.

Thanks Dr. Thandroyen!

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