Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Noah - The Sneeky Cat

I was outside with Ashton this morning and saw Noah (our black cat) do one of the most rotten things. Ted and Jinx were laying in the driveway across the street from out house. They had just finished rolling in the dirt (don't ask me why) when Noah comes sauntering up with his pal the white cat. Now, I don't know if cat's do non verbal communication, but I'm certain Ted and Noah did. Noah looked at the white cat and then moseyed on up to where Ted was laying and started rolling in the dirt. Ted looked at him and then stood up and faced the white cat. Ted is very territorial and went after the white cat. I had to pull him off the sorry looking thing. Ted was not too happy with me. I think it hurts his ego. He'll probably come home tomorrow with a few extra battle wounds to show me he's still a manly cat.

I swear that Noah looked pleased when Ted stood up and went after the white cat. It just seemed like he planned it all out. Daniel and I used to think that Noah was not the smartest cat on the block. Since he's been outdoors, our opinion has drastically changed!

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Daniel said...

why were they rolling in the dirt