Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Once Again

These past two years have been really tough on my family. A week before Daniel and I married, my brother was mowed down in a hit and run. He died shortly thereafter. Last August, my sister died suddenly of a previously unknown hereditary heart defect. She was 29. Last night my father called to tell me that my grandmother was in the hospital. In his second call, he told me they were rushing her into surgery because her intestines had burst. The outcome as of that time did not look good. I haven't heard back from him as of today.

I know how badly my heart hurts right now. I just can't imagine the pain that my parents are going through. Just pray for the family. Pray that God's will be done and that our hearts stay turned towards God and his immeasurable grace. I know we have many differences, but I love them and right now our family needs all the prayers we can get.

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