Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How You Live

I heard this song by Point of Grace on the radio last night while doing the dishes. It spoke to me. How do I live? Do I live each day for Christ? Am I unashamed in my witness for Him? Do I stand up and fight for Him? Am I willing to lose everything for Him? If not, am I really living?

The song goes on to say that we need to turn up the music and take a few chances. Following Christ is like that. It's always a chance. Will they still like me when I stand up for God's will? Should I say anything for fear of offending someone? Do I live with a reckless abandonment in His name? Can I live with being an outcast in His name? Will I take that chance?

Each day, we move forward wondering how we should live and who we should be. As Christians, we are not called to be doormats, we are called to be victorious in Christ. Our lives need to reflect His will not only in word, but in deed. God's word separates us from others. It forces a choice to be made. Jesus himself made that choice when told that his mothers and brothers wanted to see him. In Luke 8:21, he told the disciples that His mothers and brothers were those who heard God's word and put it into practice.

So today, I encourage you to blindly follow God's will for your life. Be open to his word and follow through on what he lays on your heart. You may be separated from your earthly family and friends. You may be ostracized and ridiculed. Your may be persecuted and lonely. But, when you stand before the throne, you will be able to look at our Saviour with the knowledge that you lived for Him. He will look at you, His child and say "Well done."

Ask yourself today, "How do you live?"

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