Friday, September 7, 2012

Quiet Time for Moms

I don't hear God a lot in the rush of daily life.  I'm not saying he's never gotten a hold of me in the middle of daily distractions, but I have a harder time hearing him.  Last  night I was worn out!  Ian has been ill.  Before that Ashton and I were ill.  The house keeps going crazy despite my attempts to have it consistently under control.  I was tired, hormonal and needed some air.  Daniel sent me in for a nap but then everyone decided that the door was revolving and I was needed or the chaos outside of my bedroom demanded my attention.  Some days rest just does not come.

Daniel made dinner and I laid in bed. I could not go to sleep.  I came out to find dinner gone and the only thing left was frozen.  It was time for me to get out of the house.  I thought I was going to Bojangles to grab something fast. As I was driving, the AC and the radio were making too much noise. I turned them off and the quiet was amazing.  I started talking to God. It was the moment.

For me, quiet time is essential to my walk with God. During my time with him, all the thoughts coursing through my head come together.  Well, not all of them.  The important ones I figure out. Some just go back into the pot for circulation!  Last night I had so much on my mind.  A lot of it I had not even realized was bothering me or that I needed direction on.  I skipped Bojangles and just rode around talking with God and listening.  By the time I made it home, I was at peace with all the craziness.

I highly encourage you to take some time God today.  Talk to him like you are talking to your best friend and see where He leads you!

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