Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Slow Road Down

Good news! I got on the scale this morning and weighed in at 177.  That is an encouraging sign. I have not dipped below 178 for a while and even though it's not a huge number, I'm encouraged.  As for the juicing, it's going really well. I have green juice for breakfast.  It's filled with kale, celery kiwi, apple, carrots, ginger and cucumber.  Oh, I can't forget the lemon!  All of that makes about 32 ounces of juice. I drink half of it for breakfast and the other half by lunch or whenever I start wanting to eat.

Yesterday I had some leftover quinoa with chicken and butter beans for lunch and for dinner I made a close to paleo orange chicken recipe.  I put in some corn, sugar snap peas and carrots a long with some onions. It was amazing. With dinner I had another beet smoothie.

Today I have to go the store for more kale or spinach, cucumbers and apples. I'm out of the first two and running low on the last.  Tonight I'm going to add some tomatoes to my juicing. It should be interesting to see what that tastes like with the beets and other stuff!  And I'm hoping to start hitting up the Jockey Lot for produce. Homegrown tends to be cheaper than the stuff from the store.

The one thing that I am currently struggling with is the desire to eat.  I want to eat more than I need to.  I'm working on identifying my eating "habit" vs. eating for true hunger.  Yesterday I had to purposefully avoid eating because I was not hungry, it was the habit.  Lord willing I can use this time to retrain my brain to only eat when my body needs it.   Even right now I'm thinking about the paleo orange chicken in the fridge and how the flavors excited my palate last night. I'm not physically hungry though and think I'm going to get some more water!

I keep running Philippians 4:13 through my mind.  God does not want me to be controlled by gluttony.  He has better plans for me!

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