Sunday, May 20, 2012

Juicing and All That Jazz

I decided that this would be the week to start changing things.  I went out and purchased a TON of produce to help things along.  Yesterday I had cake club and on the way home decided to try a pre-made juice.  I was pleasantly surprised that the green juice tasted delicious!  So this morning for breakfast, I made my first green drink.  It had kale, cucumber, kiwi, apple, ginger, carrots and lemon in it.  I was a little concerned about the kale because some people said it was strong but I had no issue with it. In fact, the cucumber was the strongest flavor in there!  I had to tone it down with some lemon juice!

For lunch I finished the leftover green drink and had homemade chicken curry and rice.  The curry was made in the crock pot without oil and with tons of onion and garlic!  Not to mention the curry and other spices.  At the end, I added a can of coconut milk.  While this is not considered low fat, coconut milk has a ton of good stuff in it.  I had a normal portion amount.

For dinner I'm going to do a fruit juice.  We have a ton of fruit and I'm going to do a bit of everything.  If you are considering juicing, I highly recommend you watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  If I were not still breastfeeding, I would do a full 30 days of juicing and not look back for a minute.  Since I am, I plan on keeping one to two meals a day.

In the end, I am hoping this helps me add a lot of fruit and veggies to my diet and to retrain my taste buds to crave them instead of the salty foods I love!

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