Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Artisphere in Greenville

We finally made it to Artisphere!  It's an arts festival that lasts all weekend and showcases all kinds of artists from around the country.  We all enjoyed walking around downtown and seeing the various things that were on display and for sale.  I would love to have a few thousand dollars to spend there one year!
This lady was so neat!  She's a living drummer statue!
The kids thought she was hilarious!
When you put money in the pot, she played a little tune.
Ashton looks like a little model here! He ain't afraid of no livin' statue!
I love all the little fountains for the kids to splash in!
And the fact that I actually got a picture of Sarah smiling!
 Brenna could just reach it by herself and wanted no additional help.
I love this picture of two of my men!  
 See those red shoes?  Her daddy got them for her the night before and she refused to leave them behind!
 A lady on stilts with bubbles!  What more could you ask to see?
Ashton looks like he's crying but he was protesting turning away from the bubbles, 
The juggler was amazing as well.  There was also a clown but Brenna was afraid of him! 

All in all it was a great day to spend in Greenville.  And we came home with worn out kids!

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