Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's Happening?

Life never seems to slow down.  This past Sunday, my pastor preached on how Christians need solitude and how we are bogged down with the sickness of being in a hurry.  He told of how Christ regularly pulled away from the crowds for some alone times.  I'm one with Christ on that front.  I need solitude. I need my time away. I love being a wife and mother but have sorely missed my recharge time since assuming those roles.

You see, I had time for solitude before marriage.  Sarah's grandparents would take her for a night or she would go with her dad for a day. I would veg out on the couch or do something just to recharge.  I had time to rest and figure out my thoughts.  I sometimes would clean the house.  Other times I would order Chinese food and watch a movie or read a book or journal.  I could breath and think.  I relished in not being "needed" for a short time and solely focusing on my needs.

In this day and age,  that may sound selfish.  We have so much going on and we should be doing something all the time or else life our time is not being utilized properly. As a mom, I've noticed that whenever the kids are home, my mom sonar is active at all times.  I'm on the job 24/7 whenever they are around and it doesn't matter if Daniel is here of if someone else is helping with them.  When they are out of the house with someone else and I am here alone, my state of being relaxes.  That part of me that is constantly sending out sonar and waiting for the pings to come back takes a break.  I'm officially off duty and can rest.  And as I become rested, I'm better able to meditate.  My mind starts working through questions that have been sitting on the back burner waiting for a turn to be processed and I pray more effectively. 

When we got married and moved here, my regular down time disappeared.  Daniel is the type that constantly needs something to do.  He's never really understood the down time thing. Don't get me wrong, he takes alone time here and there, but it's not as vital to him as it is to me.  God made us different in that regard.  Lately that fact has put a big "time" strain on our household as his schedule has ballooned with activities.  I wish I could say that I've been perfect at handling it, but I'm human and when I have no down time I get a bit grumpy!  But as we listened to the message this Sunday, I think it sunk in that going all the time was not what God wanted us to do and it gave him a little more perspective on his crazy wife! 

As for what's going on now, Daniel is working to get through the last week of play practice!  Hallelujah!  He's going to be awesome, but we all miss him being at home in the evenings. He'll still be teaching home bound kids after school which will ongoing throughout the year.  In addition, he's running for City Council.  I know that if he wins, he will do an amazing job.  He cares so much about finding ways to bring our town back to life.  When we moved here it was filled with cute shops and restaurants.  Now the restaurants that are left are struggling and most of the shops have moved out.  I know that he'll work to push a change there.

Sarah is enjoying middle school.  She's excited to continue learning more about the violin.  A few weeks ago, her grandmother took her to Clemson to hear a visiting violinist play.  It was such a treat for her and she loved having some girl time with Grammy.  At school, she's joined the history club and Teens for Christ.  (And no, even though she thinks she is, she is not a teen...yet!)  The only part that she would gladly give up is the homework!

Ashton is becoming an amazing young man!  He's so sweet and funny.  I wish I could record a lot of our conversations so that I could always remember the funny things that he says.  I love the wonder and awe that he shows for everyday life.  I pray the more of that rubs off on me each day!  I've been working with him on the K4 Abeka home school. He's tracing letters and learning sounds, colors and shapes.  He's even working on memory verses.  I was going to do one a week with him, but he seems to get them better if we do one every week and half to two weeks. I love being able to go at his pace.

Brenna is a mess. She confident and authoritative.  She loves her brothers, but struggles with not always being her Mom's baby.  I've been trying to make more of an effort to hold her when Ian is down and give her some additional snuggles.  She's so determined and focused on doing things the right way and making sure her hair looks good while doing it.  It cracks me up!

And Ian. I can't get enough of the little guy.  He has such a sweet spirit and reminds me so much of Sarah as a baby. We had to take him to the doctor for an ear infection and he weighed in at 16 pounds.  And he's so tall!  If it were possible, he would be standing up on his own.  Ashton and Brenna were late bloomers when it came to moving, so it amazes me to watch him work to do these things so early. I think he'll take after big Sis and be walking by the time he's one!  The time sure does fly. 

As for me, I'm trying to get back to the gym.  I still struggle with finding the energy to pull the three little ones to the gym each day, clean, home school, cook, blog, etc.  I stick with the more important ones for the family, but things like the blog tend to fall behind. 

On a positive note, I started a little facebook page called the SC Cottage Food Law at the end of August to see if it was possible to allow South Carolinians' to sell cakes and other baked items made in home kitchens to the public.  It was slow going for a little while. I gave it over to God and he send a new friend to help push things through. Her Senator agreed to sponsor legislation to pass a cottage food law.  After I heard that, I got on the phone to my Senator and he agreed to cosponsor.  Even better, he emailed me a few days later to let me know that another Senator wanted to cosponsor as well! I also started a petition as well so that our Senators could see that this was important to South Carolinians'.  I checked a few minutes ago and we now have 345 signatures!  This bill should be before the state representatives in January. I know that this is just the beginning and many things could derail this bill before it passes, but I'm still encouraged by the success of it so far.

And on that note, I'll end this extra long update and head to bed!

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