Friday, August 5, 2011

Creepy Crawly Critters

 When we moved in this house, I was amazed at how there seemed to be so many bugs around. Mainly it attracts spiders.  No matter what we do or what we spray, there are spiders everywhere.  Recently we discovered that the most revolting of the spiders is actually a brown widow spider. (I'll try and get pictures of that one later.)  That's right.  It's a relative of the black widow spider.  Who knew? 

The other night, I was folding laundry at the dining room table and noticed a gray lump moving on the driveway.  It was getting dark and I couldn't make out exactly what it was.  I called Daniel over and he couldn't figure it out either.  We decided to go outside and take a look. 

Of course I had to get Daniel to run in for the camera.  This wasp was about an inch long.  The wolf spider's body was at least that size. It's leg span was even longer.  We watched the wasp drag that thing at least 20 feet to our back porch.  It will then place the spider in it's burrow and lay eggs on it.  Since this type of wasp typically ignores humans, we let it live.  Plus I don't mind getting rid of a few spiders. 

Now before you feel too bad for this spider, I will tell you it's not the smallest one we've seen around our house.  Last year there was one that could have eaten a small mouse or frog in my garden. I found it while I was out at night looking over the garden.  Needless to say I promptly went back in the house!  I don't mind spiders, but those things will jump at you! And there is another one that sits on the light switch box at the back of our house that is slightly larger.  I'm all for things that kill spiders here!

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