Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Trip

Wow!  They said that adding on a second our third child would be challenging.  But I think it's the fourth that makes things a little nuts!  Maybe it's just the breastfeeding part or I just blocked some stuff out from the past.  Or it's because we are traveling and three of them are 3 and under!  But, it's worth every minute of the craziness!

We went to Nashville and visited with our dear friend Cheryl.  The kids loved playing with her and her sweet little dogs.  Plus her son has a set of drums that the kids loved!
While in Nashville, we decided to take advantage of the reciprocal membership and visit the Nashville Zoo.  It was a built on an old plantation and the designers did an awesome job of keeping most paths shaded.  We loved everything except for the heat.  And the zoo couldn't do much about that one!
 Checking out the Meerkats.
 Checking out the flamingos.
This was cute.  Water came out of one end of the birds for washing...
 ...and air came out of the other end!
 Sarah feeding the birds.
And Ashton too!

The zoo was built on an old plantation. The preserved the home (which we didn't take any pictures of) and we managed to get our first family photo there!

Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture with four young kids?  It's like herding cats!  But they didn't do too bad in the end.  As for me, I'm normally the picture taker, but I was carrying Ian in a wrap and it's extremely difficult to bend and snap pictures while wearing him!  We loved the zoo and I've posted all the pictures over on facebook. 

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