Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Love Publix!

I have to say, Publix is my favorite SC grocery store to shop at.  The sale items normally pair up with great coupons and I rarely shop there without saving 50-70% off of the original price. 

My dear husband is getting a taste of the coupon thing. He's had a great attitude about it as well.  Granted I'm due to have the baby next Tuesday, so he doesn't have a choice!  I sent him out to take advantage of the diaper deal and the sale on Kellogg's cereal on the last sale cycle.  I went over the coupons I had and what I wanted.  He ended up with a jumbo pack of huggies and Pampers, huggies and Pampers wipes, 7 boxes of cereal and a thing of dressing for $42.81 (including taxes).  Because of the coupons, he saved $43.12!  The two boxes of diapers alone, without coupons are worth $40! 

Tonight I had to take the whole family to Publix.  It about killed me!  But, the paper that came out had $5 off a $30 purchase coupons for Publix.  I sent Sarah to the neighbors houses to collect their coupons.  They don't shop at Publix and were willing to let us have them.  Because of that, called Daniel to come join us and got some cash out of the bank in order to use 3 of the coupons which gave us an addition $15 off our total bill. 

Here is what the three purchases looked like...

Total Before Savings: $41.21
Final Cost: $20.86
Amount Saved:  $20.35

Total Before Savings: $64.56
Final Cost: $19.44
Amount Saved:  $45.12

Total Before Savings: $113.21
Final Cost: $39.27
Amount Saved:  $73.94

Overall, we saved 63% on our grocery bill.  This included a few non-sale items like cat food, jelly, flour tortillas and ice cream for our very worn out children! 

This will be my last sale shopping for a while, but I'm confident that Daniel will be able to take it over and continue the savings.  It's not the most glorious job, but we manage to save so much money and get some really good things that we would not normally buy.  My goal is to save at least 50% each time I shop the sales papers.  There are few things that we pay full price for.

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