Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sometimes A Store is Just Too Big

The next town up from us got a new Walmart a little while back. I have steadily avoided venturing into it. The store is massive and new and I don't really know where things are at.  And now that I'm into couponing full time, Walmart rarely has the best prices.  But yesterday I needed to look for some odds and ends and a few groceries and did not have the energy to the next county for a Target run. 

I parked at the lawn and garden section because I could get a spot closer to the front doors and went in.  Overall the store is very nice.  They did a good job with the layout and I love the fact that it's clean and open. The store that it replaced was overcrowded with goods and pain to navigate.  The produce section is lovely and I enjoyed walking through it.  We even found some large, delicious strawberries to take home.

But then I got to the deli section.  This is where my sense of too much came in. We are going to a picnic on Sunday and I'm bringing subs for the family.  I asked the lady behind the counter what were the cheapest varieties of meats. The reason I asked is because there are 3 large coolers with meats and they have little tags at the bottom that are not clearly matched with each one.  I'm huge, the extra water weight has altered my eyesight and bending is not a pleasant thing.  Finding the prices and matching them up with two kids in tow was not an option that I wanted to explore.  She looked at me and said, "I would have to come over there and look at the prices.  You just need to tell me the brand you want and I'll cut it."  I asked her if she didn't know the prices of what she was selling and she gave me a blank stare.  I told her I'd go to a smaller deli for the meat I wanted and left. The hormones that control patience are not with me right now and sometimes it's better to not say anything at all.

That said, I realized that I forgot to look at swim vests that were on the other side of the store.  It was an exhausting hike back to the other end. And to top it off, they didn't have what I was looking for. I'm sure it will be better after the baby, but I think I'll stick with smaller stores. I like a more personal experience and I like being able to walk from one end of the store to the other without feeling as though I've completed a long distance walk. 

On the plus side though, the new Walmart has decided to double coupons.  It's not a nationwide policy, it's just our store and only as long as the management decides they want to continue that policy.  I'm sure I'll stop by there again, but for right now I just think it's too big.

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