Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Tuesday...

I had a doctors appointment to check on Baby G this morning. My doctor was on vacation and I met a new one that reminded my of the OB I had while in Virginia.  He was wonderful.  Because of that, I was pleasantly surprised to meet the doctor today. I think he'll be my backup if my normal doctor is out for the rest of the pregnancy! 

As far as Baby G goes, he's doing great.  His heart beat is steady and he kicked out at the doctor a few good times for listening to him.  And he's head down.  Although I could have told the doctor that.  My bladder is very aware of his position and my lungs get danced on regularly! 

Since the kids were off this week, we decided to make a day of our time in Greenville.  Daniel took the kids to Bojangles for breakfast while I had my appointment.  Then we went over to the Greenville Zoo.  The one thing I love about this zoo is that it's small but still fun.  The little ones walked most of the way and wore themselves out!  Plus, it's shaded! And did I mention that it has a cute little playground for the smaller children that's halfway through the walk?  I still love the larger zoos, but for a day trip this one is excellent!

So let me share with you some of our morning...

 A lady came up behind us while we were looking at the vultures and said, "Oh look, there are the eagles!"

 Daniel took Brenna around to all the toys while I sat down for a few minutes.
 Always in motion!
 There were three leopards in this pen.  One came up to the window after the camera was down and the kids loved it!  Brenna kept yelling, "Hey, Cat!"
 Ashton was listening to the monkey's howling! I love this picture of the three of them!

 Big Sister was helping her brother and sister pet the pig!
 I love this girl!  She loves the zoo and the snakes!
Brenna was done!  Daniel wanted a good picture of the two of them, but she kept going waving and saying bye-bye!

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