Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Brenna

I have to tell you, Friday night this little rotten child finally started saying "Momma" consistently.  Sarah and I went shopping and Daniel had put the kids to bed.  He was finishing up with Ashton when I came in and found Brenna in an upset state. She wasn't ready to go to bed and didn't mind screaming her little head off to let everyone know!  I was going to let her tough it out, but then a light bulb clicked and she started saying, "Momma, Momma, up!"  I couldn't pass that up! You see, she's known how to say "Momma" for a long, long time, but rarely ever does.  I'm just there and she hasn't ever really felt the need to call me by name.  But on Friday it clicked that saying Momma gets a response! 

After I pulled her out of bed, she kept saying it over and over to herself and to me.  I would answer her and she would laugh in that sweet way that she has.  She was so excited over it that she could barely contain herself.  Then Daniel came out from being with Ashton and she kept telling him, "Momma!"  It made my heart swell.  We eventually got her back down to bed and I'm happy to report that since then she's been calling out to me on a regular basis!

It does make me wonder though.  My heart swelled with pride and joy when she started regularly saying Momma this weekend. If that little thing can give me so much joy, I wonder how much more joy God gets from us when we call out Abba, Father? 

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