Thursday, March 17, 2011

Publix Shopping - 55% Savings!!

I'm so excited about my shopping trip tonight.  Publix had a lot of things that we love on sale and most of them had coupons to go with them! I even managed to get some Cover Girl Eye Shadow for $0.50!  The Huggies diaper deal allowed me to get a box of diapers, a tub of wipes and a huge box of refill wipes for $14.68.  It would have been $18.18, but I noticed later that the cashier scanned my $3.50 off coupon twice!  He's my new favorite cashier!

Also, the Betty Crocker muffins are buy one get one free.  In the box, there is a $0.75 off coupon on two boxes. I'm going to stock up on these guys.  For $1.02 a box after the $0.75 coupon, this makes a nice cheap breakfast for the family.  And since I'm pregnant, any breakfast that takes little effort is a great help!

Here's the breakdown...

Total Before Savings - $146.85
Final Cost - $65.34
Amount Saved - $81.51

I love saving more than I spend. And I love, love, love getting things that I would not normally buy for great prices. It makes it even more fun when I shock the cashier and bagger with savings!

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