Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making Hair Clips

My dearest Brenna tends to lose hair clips on a daily basis.  Don't get me wrong, she loves having them put in.  But then she feels her hair and notices them and they come out.  Sometimes we find them, many times we do not.  Now if you have girls, cute barrettes and hair clips are anything but cheap.  I lucked out and found her dwindling supply at Claire's during a half off sale.  At full price, they are close to $1.00 per barrette!

While trying to find a better solution to the barrette dilemma, I noticed a post come up at The title, "How to Make *Cute* Hair Clips for Babies and Little Girls…" immediately caught my attention. The fact that it was on The Frugal Girls website guaranteed that I would be able to make it happen at a cost that I could live with. Go over to their post for complete instructions.

 The ribbon on the left was horrible to work with.  Don't purchase ribbon that has additional strings running through it.  Use the kind that has printing on it. Things will go a lot better.
By the time I got to get pictures of these, 3 of the 4 pink clips were missing in action. Daniel later found one and I'm pretty certain the other two are lurking in the car, but who knows...
The pink clip was my first.  It takes one or two clips before you figure out the right amount of glue and how to get the ribbon to lay.  Plus, I was using a low temp hot glue gun and the glue dries quickly.  By the time I got to the green clip, I had the hang of things.  Don't get discouraged though.  After two clips, my 10 year old was able to put some together on her own.

You can also make a bow to put on top of the clip.  This was inspired by a set of clips that were $1.25 a piece!  You'll also see at The Frugal Girls link, you can add different embellishments. 

Since I love figuring out savings, I determined that with the four rolls of ribbon and the box of clips, I could make 88 clips for under $10.  That doesn't include glue stick costs, but who cares! Plus, these will make wonderful birthday and Christmas presents!

I'm going to try these soon.  I do hope this encourages those of you with little girls to try this easy craft.  You wont regret it!

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