Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today Should Have Been a Monday

It was one of those days.  You know, those days that feel like Monday's.  They are crazy and unusual and you feel as though you just want to crawl back in bed and see if you can wake up on a new day!

This morning was crazy.  My oldest was having an off day and I was still tired from the weekend.  Having a fender bender and then driving almost 1000 miles in 3 days can do that to a pregnant lady! 

After dropping Sarah off at school, I came home with the kids.  Ashton and Brenna played in their room while I did a few things in the house.  And then my rotten little man came out the bedroom covered in orange highlighter.  He had a circle drawn around his face and down his arms and legs. I checked on his sister.  She got off lightly, only a few marks on her face and clothes. 

A short time later, I heard Brenna go back in the hall.  I told Ashton to go make sure that the bathroom door was closed.  He loves to help out.  I went back to my chores as he ran off.  A few minutes later, I realized that I didn't hear the door close or Brenna protesting.  I went back to the bathroom and found them both sitting on the floor.  Ashton had pulled down the baby body wash/shampoo bottle.  It has a pump head.  He applied a thick coat to his hair and was helping Brenna put some in her hair!

I didn't get a picture, but it was a sight!  Tonight, I rectified that situation. I was hoping things had changed.  I had a horrible headache when we came home from church.  Daniel was working on dinner and I was trying to get the Tylenol to kick in.  And then I heard it. You expect silence or screams to lead to some crazy situation with kids, but Ashton and Brenna have this devious little laugh that comes up when they are being rotten.  And that laugh was coming from my bedroom. 

I slowly opened the door and found Brenna looking like this...

That's my Aveeno lotion. Ashton followed her around the room, squirting her with it.  It was all over the back of her head as well.  But the fun didn't end there.  I sat her in her chair to clean her up...

And her hair got a bit crazy.  She rarely smiles in pictures.  But the lotion thing made her a little giddy.  Almost every crazy picture I snapped had her smiling.  I left her sitting in Ashton's chair while I got a wet cloth to get more of the lotion out.  And I came back to more madness...

My littlest nut climbed up on the table and started playing with her Daddy's phone.  If she prank called you, I apologize.  Look at that face.  That's the sixth or seventh picture in a row that I have of her smiling.  That sin nature really nets great smiles in pictures!
She's trying to figure out who to call.

Hey! What language is this?
All right Mom, I couldn't understand a word they said.  I'm done.  My smiles are gone.  Come clean my hair out!

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