Friday, January 21, 2011

Still Going...

Blogging has been light lately.  This little baby boy that's squirming around inside of me has decided that his Momma should be nocturnal.  Apparently when I carry boys, I don't sleep at night.  I don't get it and I'm not a huge fan, but I don't have much of a say in the matter.  I can toss and turn or just stay up! 

On a positive note, I've decided to use my time to start reading through the bible. I've knocked out three books so far and hope to have it done or close to done by the time the little man shows up. 

I did get some bad news today. My Uncle Billy passed away this week. He was 67.  I'll always remember going to his house on vacations or visits.  He was a good man and a good father. He'll be missed by many. 

I hope to have some more posts coming soon.  If they sound a little off, forgive me. As I like to tell my oldest, growing children requires that a mother give up huge amounts of brain cells! 

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