Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby G - 21 Weeks 4 Days

Baby Boy G is growing stronger every day. He's also an active little man.  Two days ago he was heads up and then he flipped.  That must have tuckered him out because I didn't feel him move much yesterday.  Since he's been so active, it was a bit concerning.  But today I could tell he was heads down and having a blast.  He didn't stop there though - just a while ago, he moved back to the heads up position again.  I have a feeling that my rib cage may be in danger for the first time ever.  Time will tell though.

I have to say, having a child moving inside of you is one of the most amazing feelings.  To know that this little life is being knit inside of you and to feel the tell-tale signs of that life moving and growing, well I'm honored to be able to do that.  Nothing does compare to it!

On a different note, I purchased my first maternity pants a two weeks ago and a funny thing happened.  I had been wearing my normal jeans and leaving the button undone.  But my pant were not as stable as they had been and I looked extremely chubby instead of pregnant.  Now I have these pregnancy pants and I would swear that my stomach has expanded just to try and fill them out!  Or maybe I was just deluding myself before.  Who knows?

Also I've been having weird vivid dreams.  What is it about pregnancy that makes them so strong?  Daniel told me I was having some mumbled conversation with someone the other night.  And recently I dreamed that the little guy was coming prematurely.  But he was bigger than most preemies and so strong.  I picked him up off of a shelf (remember folks this is a dream) and put him in the crook of my arm and he gave me the most angelic smile.  He also had dark hair.  Not just a little, but a head full of it.  I can't wait to meet him!  I like to joke that my kids have all desired to over bake, so I hope this dream doesn't foreshadow a change in the way my body gestates!

Daniel and I are still working on a name.  We will not announce it until he's born though, so stay tuned in June for further details.  Sarah is so excited to be a big sister again!  I think she misses holding her siblings.  Brenna and Ashton are very independent and don't want to be held a lot.  Ashton knows he's going to be a big brother again and he checks in every now and then to confirm that there is a little brother in my stomach.  And then he presses on my stomach and looks at me with a devilish grin and says, "I squished him!"  He's such a mess.  Brenna still has no idea that her spot as the youngest is about to be taken over by a needy little infant.  She's not the sort to back down, so it should be interesting!

As for me, I've been more tired with this pregnancy than with the others.  Not a crazy amount, but I've needed naps during the day. It works out great with Brenna and Ashton. I just sleep when they go down for a nap.  I have been able to start going to bed around midnight recently. It's been a big improvement over the 2 a.m. bed times. I've started to have bad indigestion with this one as well.  I hate to say it, but I think it has something to do with being older and pregnant.  With each kid, the symptoms seem a little more pronounced.  And yes, I realize I'm not that old, but it was much easier on my body when I 20 and pregnant than now!  That's just part of life. 

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