Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our White Christmas

One of the hardest parts about living here is the lack of snow when almost everyone else has some laying on the ground.  But this Christmas, we were  blessed with a covering of snow. Here we are playing around!

I love this picture!

Brenna is not sure what to make of the snow.

And she's still half asleep and in need of breakfast!

Before we go in though, I'm determined to get a picture of the three of them.  Look at Brenna's tongue poking out!  I'm consoled by the fact that all three are smiling.  I'm still working on the smiling while looking at me pictures!

Daniel took Sarah and Ashton across the street to see if the the hill was good for sledding.  Instead, my innocent son found an unlocked gate to the playground and broke in!

Oh, the hill is torture to get up!  Help me!

Too cute for words!

And finally the tiny, sad snowman!

Dear snow,
We will miss you.  Come again soon.

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