Thursday, July 15, 2010

And There was a Bee

I love nature.  And I like bugs.  Well, I like bugs as long as they are not on me and I can watch them from an appropriate distance.  As a kid, I really liked bumble bees. I would grab them by the sides and hold them, exploring every little bit of their bodies before letting them go.  Maybe I like them because Debra means bee. Who knows? 

When Sarah was born, I made an effort to introduce her to bugs and animals without fear.  Because of that, she has inherited a love of nature and a desire to explore. So it came as no surprise when she brought this little guy over to me.  He had a broken wing and was trying desperately to fly.  She sat him down on the flowers, but he kept coming back over to the kiddie pool to hang out with us.

Sarah picked him up to show her little brother.

He was fascinated!

He really thinks his older sister is cool!

He leans in to get a closer look.

And then works up the nerve to try for a touch.  And then the bee buzzes and he squeals like a girl!

And his sister just repositions the bee and shows him that it's not too scary after all!

The little bee is still hanging out as we dry the kids off.  He hitches a short ride on Sarah.

I don't think she minds!

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