Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm not kidding folks.   Fever on Monday that lead to a massive migraine on Tuesday. Then Wednesday came along with more fever and a few new symptoms - a slight cough and the largest lymph nodes that I've ever seen on a kid!  I called back into the doctor and we went in for a visit.

After a strep test and an exam, the doctor said he couldn't be 100% sure but my little man my have mono.  I think my jaw may have dropped right then.  He said it's not uncommon because mono is just a virus and most of us catch it.  However there is only a certain percentage that actually show the symptoms.  But, Ashton is to young to take the test (only really works on kids 5 and older) and it was only a guess.  As far as his history of fevers, the doctor said that he most likely has Periodic Fever Illness and it doesn't seem to be related to this episode. 

Upon getting a few minutes, I read up on mono and it's not uncommon in kids.  And his symptoms are similar, so I don't know. I'm going to keep him home through this weekend and see how it goes.  Lord willing this will pass sooner rather than later.  Last night I was up every hour.  It was rough.  But he's worth it!

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