Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Desires of our Heart... Even the Little Ones

Sometimes God surprises me.  I don't know why.  He is God with a big "G".  I should be used to the fact that he provides for us in the most desperate situations right down to the ones that don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

And here is my tale...

After Sarah got out of school, I had to drop her off in Burlington, N.C. for a visit with her dad.  Other than spending 20 minutes in stop and go traffic, the trip was pretty smooth.  Typically that means that the trip home will be fast (if you call a 4 hour ride fast).  Before heading back, I stopped by Starbucks to feed Brenna.  Really folks, it was all about her and had nothing to do with the Grande Chai that magically appeared in my hands!

We sat for a while, Brenna ate sweet potatoes and spinach.  I found out that that Starbucks does not have a changing table in the bathroom.  What's wrong with them?  I just don't know.  And then we hit the road.  After a short time on the road, we hit stop and go traffic.  Now the thing about traveling with Brenna is that she loves the driving.  She hangs out in her car seat, chats for a while and then sleeps.  It's such a blessing (especially since her brother hated traveling when he was her size).  But there is a catch.  A catch that I discovered while moving through stop and go traffic... an hour and a half of stop and go traffic at that...

Brenna hates stopping on the road.  I don't mean that she kind of dislikes it.  No, after being in the car seat for four hours, it's either go or get me out of this blasted seat.  There is no middle ground.  I spent the last 30 minutes trying to convince her to tough it out, but she was not buying it. I finally relented and found an alternate route via my GPS. Thank you Danny and Nancy!  It's a life saver!  But I'm getting off topic again.

Now here is where God provides in the little things.  I'm a bit paranoid, well maybe a lot paranoid about stopping in small parking areas and not so popular gas stations and breastfeeding Brenna.  I like well lit, heavily traveled places.  And God, knowing that his child has some issues, provided a Cracker Barrel for my nursing needs.  And to top it off, Brenna decided at that moment to start filling her diaper.  If you are an experienced mom, you know that Cracker Barrel does provide a very nice changing table!  Add that to a little shopping and it's the perfect place to pull over while you are on the road!

By the time I got back on the road, I knew that I was going to get home 2 hours later than originally planned.  I had not had dinner and did not want to pull off of the interstate again.  I started daydreaming about Starbucks again.  Any meal that I would get would be high in calories.  But, I wasn't really hungry because of this allergy/head congestion thing that I've has been plaguing me.  That's where Starbucks came in.  And because I talk to myself and God in my head when I'm alone, here is how the conversation went....

"Wouldn't it be great if there was a Starbucks around here.  It would be awesome to have Starbucks twice in one day.  I rarely ever get Starbucks twice in a month and this would be a treat.  I don't want a huge meal.  Then again I'm not really hungry so that would not work anyway. And I would much rather blow out my calories on a Chai than french fries..."

Then the GPS tells me to turn on Mall Drive.  This brings on all new thoughts....

"Hmmm.  Isn't it interesting how most malls are built near hospitals.  And most malls have Starbucks.  But this mall looks a little older.  It probably has a Starbucks on the inside and I'm not getting out of the car until I get home.  That's depressing. Why don't they have a drive through?  They are right across from the hospital.  It would get a lot of business.  I don't think the one in Gaffney will be open when I drive by. Oh well.  I'm at my turn."

But there was a red light.  As I sat there pouting, something caused me to look a block or two down the street.  And praise God there was a drive through Starbucks.  And, there was no one coming in the other lane.  And I was able to pull over and swing by the drive through Starbucks.  And they had a piece of Very Berry Coffee Cake left (as I know I would be hungry later on).  And when the detour route popped me back on the interstate, the traffic jam had concluded, Brenna slept all the way home, I did not have to make any stops and thanks to Starbucks I did not fall asleep. 

We like to attribute God to the BIG things that happen in life.  But he does work in the little things too.  He loves to provide to His children.  Even it it's just a cup of Chai.  It's what I needed to help keep me focused on the drive home and more importantly it made me happy. God does want to give us the desires of our heart.  Sometimes they are big, like finding Daniel and having my kids, and sometimes it's just a little thing, like a cup of tea.

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