Saturday, October 17, 2009

And Two Years Flew By

On September 26th, my little man turned 2! It's crazy how that time flies by. I remember holding him in my arms and looking into that sweet baby face.  And being excited when he just decided to start crawling.  I remember how hard it was to wait for him to stop calling me "Dada" and finally say "Mama".  And then waiting for him to walk.  It's so hard at times to sit back and enjoy each stage fully and not want it to move along faster.  And then one night as I was putting him to bed, I was holding him and it hit me that my little baby boy was growing so fast.  I just held him a little longer that night and focused on how it felt to hold this little boy in my arms.  How his head draped over my shoulders and his body relaxed against me.  His breathing was slow and steady.  His trust so complete that he barely moved as I walked and shifted his growing bulk.  I knew that one day I would have to stop holding him like that and I took the time to cherish this stage in his life all the more.

To celebrate, we invited our family and close friends.  I really enjoy making the kids cakes and this time was no exception!  I made a Disney Car's cake based off of a photo that I found on the web.  As always, the cake was huge!  To be honest, it was by best one yet!  Our friends arrived and we grilled out hot dogs as the kids ran around and played.  There is nothing like a house full of good friends, family and playing kids.  We are so blessed!

The Cake

Grammy came up with the idea to build car ramps for races.  The kids had a blast racing cars on their newly built ramps. Afterward, we cut into the cake and opened presents. The little man had a wonderful time!

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