Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week 39

Goodness, I'm so tired! I'm counting down the days until I get to go into the hospital. I'm ready for Brenna to make her appearance. Unfortunately, she's pretty content and I'm sure I'll have to wait until August 10th. But, a girl can dream!

I've been blessed to stay on track with my weight. By the time I enter the hospital, I will have only gained 20 pounds. That's a huge deal because I gained 40 pounds the last two times I was pregnant. And, the cool thing was that I didn't even really have to change my eating that much! Although right now I'm really hitting that constantly hungry stage. I'm guessing Brenna is packing on the pounds and this is helping her!

Yesterday I went and got a wonderful haircut. Every mom should get a bit of pampering before a baby comes. I love the new look and it's just what I needed. By this point, I was feeling really frumpy. The only bad thing is that I now have to figure out how to style it!

This weekend was great! Daniel and I went to dinner and a movie on Friday. Ahh, it's so nice to eat without children! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy eating with the kids. But, it's nice to have a grownup conversation without encoding sometimes!d

Last night, we had many of our friends and family over for a cookout. It was a blast. The kids were running around playing, Ashton didn't have an accident and we grownups had a great time eating and chatting with each other. Daniel and I got the house together. He tackled the car port and it looked great! We both were blessed to have a good amount of energy when the guests arrived! A dear friend gave me some wonderful party lite candles and my mother and father-in-law are redecorating our bedroom. She'll be painting it later this week.

Tomorrow our church family is throwing us a baby shower and then we are going to the lake for a church wide cookout. It's a busy last week before the baby comes! But, God has taken care of my energy level and Daniel has been wonderful about letting me get naps.

I do believe that Brenna is going to be an eight pounder or larger. She wont be as large as her brother though! And Lord willing, I'll go into labor early. I know, I'm still a dreamer! I'm thinking Thursday night would be great! All we have left to do is pull out the car seat, wash her new cloth diapers and put away whatever we get from the shower.

I'm downing raspberry tea and evening primrose oil tablets. They claim that they help induce labor early. I highly doubt it but that doesn't matter. I love the raspberry tea and the evening primrose oil tablets are supposed to help out with all this hormonal moodiness in addition to encouraging contractions. I'm hoping to get a prenatal massage this week. I can't wait!

Well, I've been rambling enough. I can't help myself now! It's a pregnant thing! I'll post pics as soon as I can. Daniel will be taking the computer to the hospital and since this whole thing is scheduled, I expect to be much more coherent than I was after Ashton's birth. Getting knocked out made me lose a few days with him (I don't come out of anestesia well). However, when I had Sarah, I just had an epidural and some good strong pain killers. That made fora very different c-section experience!


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Alicia Looper said...

I can't even tell you how excited I am to meet Baby Brenna! I'm glad you're doing well. Please call if you need anything!