Monday, July 20, 2009

Potty Training - Week 3

I think I should officially count this as week 2. Week 1 was technically only a half a week and it was a joke at that!

Here is where we are at... Noah will go to the potty when you sit him down (if he has to). However, he will not tell you he has to go. He mostly wakes up dry and should start taking naps without a diaper soon. I just don't have enough waterproof pads for the pack and play to work with him right now.

Ashton is doing well also. However, he has to decide that he wants to go or he will have an accident. Yesterday we were down to two accidents. I was very proud. He even came in undies to our Sunday night bible study. His potty plays music each time he goes. We could hear it in the living room and the moms who knew the sound kept laughing each time it went off! He typically wakes up from naps dry and is getting closer to waking up from night time dry.

The waterproof pads are a lifesaver! I've also been able to take him on a few shopping trips. Granted, I put a waterproof pad in the car seat. That's been a lifesaver. Plus, he hates having an accident in the car. He's had two (both were because I didn't have the potty in the car and there was no place to pull off). He cried before he went and I felt bad because I couldn't stop!

Here is what I've learned so far.
  • You have to dedicate a full week to the initial stages of potty training. Although, some moms I read about got this done in two days flat! I started potty training on a Wednesday the first week and had a packed weekend schedule. This messed everything up and I had to start from square one on Monday. That was tough.
  • The first two days are tough and will seem hopeless! Don't give up! By day 3 it starts clicking and your hope returns.
  • Get rid of all your diapers. If you are going to be successful, you will have to deal with accidents at nap time or naps that are shorter because they wake themselves up to go potty (which is a good thing).
  • Bribery works! Especially if you don't normally give them candy day to day. Purchase a bag of M&M's to give as a treat for doing the deed. I give two regardless of whether I get #1 or #2. This is mainly because Ashton had such a hard time doing #1 in the potty in the beginning. Just be sure not to give them any if they do not go. It sends the wrong message
  • Invest in waterproof pads. They are a tad pricey, but worth it! You can use them in the car and in the bed. It saves you from having to change sheets every day.
  • Purchase a waterproof cover for their pillow! I've washed the pillow more than I care to because I keep forgetting pick one up!
  • Have a mop bucket handy for accidents. It makes life easier. I guess this mainly applies to having hardwood floors. If most of your house is carpeted, just plan on renting a steam cleaner after they get the training down pat.
  • Keep them on a schedule. With boys, you can look and see if they need to go. However, it's essential to keep putting them on every 10 -15 minutes in the beginning. As you get used to their cycle, you can adjust it.
  • Keep the pot in the room that you stay in most! It makes life easier and reminds the kids that it's there. Some moms recommend having multiple ones around the house. I'm cheap, so I move it from room to room!
  • Kid lie! If you ask them if they have to go, they may say no regardless of reality! Put them on the pot anyway.
  • Finally, be patient and realistic with your expectations. Ashton and Noah are 22 months. It's up to the adults to determine their schedules. If they have an accident, it's normally because we (the parents) didn't put them on the pot in time. In a few months, they'll have a better understanding and will be a bit more responsible for accidents. Right now, just clean them up and put them back on the pot. An accident is inconvenient, but not the end of the world.
And today, I'm reminding myself once again to be patient! Ashton is laying in bed trying to avoid a nap by screaming "Potty". Or he may really have to go, but after 3 times on the potty and 1 go, it's hard to tell!

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