Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Weary Mom

Tonight I was reading on Girl Talk and found this post. I found it so encouraging. In all actuality, it went along great with the bible study that the girls and I had tonight at church. Some days I feel like my cup is dry. I pray to be filled. I pray not to be so tired. But in the end I feel drained and discouraged.

Some of you know what's been going on with Sarah. Lately things have been tough again and it's so hard. She's such a wonderful young lady and I'm so blessed to have her. But some days are tough. Some days, I wonder if we are making headway. I doubt, I fear and on top of all that, my heart breaks for her. Monday was very much like that. Then Tuesday rolls around and she is a different girl. I'm weary of some of our harder times.

But then, I met with the girls tonight and Alicia reminded us that there is not one place in the bible that tells us to stop doing good. My weariness is not an excuse to turn away from the harder times. And then I read Girl Talk and it reminds me of more spiritual truths. My job is to sow the seed in my daughters heart. Just like a grand garden, I will not see the results right away. My job as her mother is to keep tending to her heart and spirit. God will honor that work and one day she will blossom. There will be more storms, but they do not out number the sunny days. And even if they do, God will give me the strength and wisdom to love and raise Sarah even when my own strength and wisdom is not enough.

So for the rest of this week, I'm going to focus on not being weary. It does not matter what else goes on. My job may be thankless at times, but it is valuable. And it is the work that God called me to do. Instead of questioning that while I'm tired, I'm going to start thanking God for it. God knows just what I can handle. He gave me the responsibility of caring for the spiritual development of two precious children. He knew that challenges would lie ahead and he knew that I would have the skills to deal with them. And since I trust him, I'm going to work on focusing on his good and perfect will for my life. I'm not going to let doubt become a stumbling block. I'm going to work hard to remember that he called me to be a wife and stay-at-home mom and embrace it.

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