Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Weather Turns

Lately life has had it's share of hardships. At the moment they do not seem to be lessening. Sometimes I feel as if we are on the cusp of discovering what God has in store for us. Why else would Satan be attacking us relentlessly. Today, after an ER visit, ultrasound and some nuclear test, we found out that Daniel will have to have his gall bladder removed. He's been feeling poorly for over a week and it's not getting any better. I'm dreading the bills that will come from that. But God has provided before and he will again.

In addition to that, Sarah has started going through another rebellious state. She's decided that she's not embarrassed to behave inappropriately in front of Daniel and I. Sarah told us (and for the most part has followed) that she would behave well in front of others. Sometimes it's maddening to have to have a two hour grudge match in order to get her to clean her room or do her homework. Thankfully, Daniel's mom has been talking to her about her behavior and how a 7 year old should not do the things she has been. Her loving rebuke of Sarah's behavior is helping Sarah realize the error of her ways.

Daniel and I are also helping to start a widows and orphan's ministry at our church. I was heading up the team that would visit the orphanages in the state. That had to be postponed due to Daniel's health and because of the loss of another member's father. Satan definitely doesn't want this thing to go forward.

And here I am at home, sneezing my head off. I love the fall. I love the crisp air and how the leaves change colors as the earth gets ready to rest during winter. But, those gorgeous leaves are killing me. When they start falling, I start sneezing and sniffling. And, I have not made it a priority to visit our new doctor to get a prescription for Nasacort.

I'm hoping that as the fall leads into winter that things in our household will calm down. Lord willing, we will make it through everything stronger.


Alicia Looper said...

What can we do to help while Daniel is having surgery? Let me know.

Dennis and Danielle said...

Hi Debby - try the allergen blocker thing - I have been using it, and I have had no major allergy issues - and that's a miracle coming from me. It uses positive (or negative?!) charged ions on the lotion itself - so it blocks the allergens the same way as a air filter does. Who knows, it may give you an extra help on top of your Rxs. It has for me :)