Thursday, September 4, 2008

Window Shopping... Literally

Daniel and I entertained our second "window pitch" tonight. Jeff was nice and Ashton thought he was entertaining. But I was bored. The last guy did the same thing. The only difference today was the pretty beveled edges on the window. Oh, he did smear butter on the window and wipe it off with a paper towel. I may have been impressed if it had occurred 30 minutes into the spiel instead of an 1 1/2 half. Daniel is so much more patient that I am. All I want to know is the cost. If that's not right, then all the bells and whistles are worthless to me. I'm a salesman's worst nightmare!

It was all I could do to pretend to be interested. These windows were not much different than the last. They were both overpriced. For five windows, the man wanted almost $7000. We could make low monthly payments for the next hundred years. They wouldn't start until after the windows were installed. That comment almost had me (note the sarcasm).

I don't get it. I was a top sales person for one of Capital One's side business'. The first thing I learned was that you had to figure out quickly if a person was a "cost only" consumer or an "I like you so I'll go with you" consumer. Make the right call and you save time with those who will not buy and potentially make the sale with the others. These guys go for the latter approach and waste so much time. On top of that, I almost burnt my chicken (which didn't get on the grill until 7 p.m. thanks to the ongoing sales pitch).

Eventually, I had to turn all my attention to dinner. Daniel got to babysit the guy. When the chicken came off the grill, Jeff was still here waiting for his manager to give us some good news. If we signed up for the windows, we wouldn't have to make any payments for a year. We could work to pay them off before the low monthly payments would start. Yeah, that was such a good deal that Daniel and I had to pass. Bless Teresa, she returned my call before the deal talk started. Since she just had an emergency appendectomy, I was not going to put her call off. I got to sit out of Jeff's lame sale's pitch.

Would you pay $7000 for 5 windows? It seems way too steep for this teacher's wife!

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