Monday, August 18, 2008

Wanted: Vacation

It's Monday and I can't seem to scrape together any energy. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm finally showing signs of the fever virus that Ashton had. I know I'm being hit by this month's round of allergens. It could just be that I'm suffering from a lack of oxygen. I mean, what parent needs all of their brain cells to survive while raising their kids?

Today, we started our first day of homeschooling. Sarah did really well. As for me, I got a good look at all of the extra work I signed up for. I thought that since the lesson plans were all laid out, that I would just read the teachers kit and tell Sarah what to do. I'd explain some stuff and then we would go on. Ahh, what an ignorant momma I've been!

Last night, I spent an hour and a half reading over all the material. After looking at the Language portion, I determined that Sarah learned most of it during kindergarten. I had to piece together the first 3-4 lessons in order to get a half hour of instruction. Daniel and I knew that going in, but it was still a bit tough. Then I had to write it all down in the plan book. As Sarah and I sat doing the work this morning, I realized just how much I had to be ahead. She just breezed through all of the work. I ended up having to add in extra stuff to get us to the right time.

In the middle of all that, Ashton started screaming. Yeah, he's got a keen sense of timing. I put him to bed. That wasn't on his agenda, so he stood up in the crib and started screaming. I walked in and found him standing up with a string of snot dangling like a pendulum in front of him. If I hadn't been so tired, it would have been funny. Like a well trained mom, I picked up a wipe and cleaned him up. Then it was time for a nap. This time we only had a little protest.

We finished up our lessons just in time for Ashton to wake up. We headed on to the grocery store. About 15 minutes in, I found out that Ashton didn't take a nap. He was just playing quietly. He really needed a nap and our entire shopping trip was a testament to that reality.

After the longest hour or so that I've had in a while, we headed home and Ashton went down for a real nap. No complaints this time. By this time, I was ready to drop. There is just no time for a weary mom to rest.

I felt bad. Daniel needed a dessert for his class tonight, but I didn't have time this evening to cook it. Of course, he didn't mention it until he was walking out of the door this morning. We were so low on groceries that nothing was happening without the grocery trip. He was very understanding and stopped off to grab something from the store.

Celia came over after we returned from the store. That kept Sarah (who is blessed with good health) occupied for the evening. She's in the tub right now. It's just me and the baby boy. He's currently located under the footrest of the recliner. Every now and then he tries to pull up and hits his head. He starts to fuss and I just shake my head. Their is no way I can get him while he's under the recliner.

Here's to bed time and dreams of next years' vacation.

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Alicia Looper said...

I understand your weariness! I hope that you start feeling better SOON!

Love the new look!